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The Local Investing Resource Center sustains its mission of providing valuable local investing education and advocacy to the public by offering paid annual memberships and sponsorships, and accepting tax-deductible donations.  Please support this community resource!

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Our members receive the following benefits:

  • Access to premium content, such as convenient downloadable checklists that help you organize local investing groups and business showcases, and perform due diligence on local investments.
  • Invitations to connect with local investing experts on our quarterly mastermind conference calls – these are essentially free group consulting sessions!
  • Members may engage the Local Investing Resource Center team on consulting projects related to local investing.  Contact us for more details.
  • Memberships are 100% tax-deductible.
  • Members of local investing groups receive discounts!  See below for more details.

One-year individual memberships cost $59.95 (less than $5 per month) and auto-renew unless you cancel.

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Group Discounts

We offer all the benefits of membership at a discount to members of groups that are registered on our site.  We ask that such groups reflect actual “real life” groups related to local investing.  To get started, simply join your group(s) if you find them in our Group Directory, or create your group(s) on our site and invite your members to join.  Discounts are automatically applied based on the number of members in the largest group you are a member of:

  • 2-5 members = 20% off: $47.95 annually (less than $4 per month)
  • 6+ members = 40% off: $35.95 annually (less than $3 per month)

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Our sponsors generously support the Local Investing Resource Center in creating innovative educational content and publicly advocating for local investing.  Sponsors receive all the benefits of membership, plus:

  • Prominent appreciation on our About Us page with your logo and links to your site
  • A custom written or video interview with you or your group's leaders (on local investing-related topics) posted to our site

One-year sponsorships cost $799.95 and auto-renew unless you cancel.

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The Local Investing Resource Center gratefully accepts tax-deductible donations to fund scholarships and support its work of advancing the local investing movement.  $80 will fund a one-year scholarship.  Plus, speak with us about what we can accomplish with larger contributions!

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Membership scholarships are available for students and researchers focusing on local investing topics.  Please inquire here.  If you are approved, you will receive a coupon code for a free one-year membership.

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