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Welcome to our resource area for community organizers, including people working in economic development and government.  Here, you will find a series of how-to guides and other resources that support you in catalyzing citizen-led investments in local small businesses and nonprofits.

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How to Catalyze Local Investing Course Description:

“An effective local investing group can mobilize literally millions of dollars from bank and brokerage accounts into local small businesses and nonprofits, which in turn create jobs and purchase goods and services from other local businesses.”

  1. Building your Local Economy Ecosystem: This is an introduction to local investing for community leaders and a step-by-step guide to building the networks that help local investing thrive.  We begin by exploring various types of local investments and the risks and legal issues involved.  Then, you'll learn about which people in your community can play key roles in facilitating local investing, and how to mobilize them to help the cause.

  2. Organizing Business Showcases: This is a step-by-step guide on how to organize business showcases, which are community gatherings designed to rally support for local small businesses and nonprofits. We detail the various jobs your organizing team will need to accomplish, such as securing a venue, marketing the event, and recruiting and preparing presenters, in order to pull off a fun and highly effective event.

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